Vanilla Extract

-6 Vanilla Beans
-350 ml glass jar that is sealable, or any glass that you want that is large

Step 1: Cut the six vanilla beans lengthwise down the middle (expose all those wonderful vanilla seeds). Drop them in the bottle. If they don’t fit, force them, or cut them in half, or whatever just get them into the bottle.

Step 2: Cover with vodka and seal, shake every couple of days

Step 3: Wait patiently for about 4-6 weeks – voila amazing Vanilla extract (shake before each use). At the 6-8 week point you can either pour out the vodka that is in there into another jar and start the process over again with the same beans (about 3 times) or you can just top up your extract until such a point as it stops being extract and starts being flavoured vodka.

The extract should be a deep brown colour and will have an oil residue on the top of it. Shake up the extract before use. You will also find this is about eleventy-billion times better than your store bought extracts. Think about using less in each recipe, unless you are like me and LOVE vanilla use more.


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